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Thread: Small but functional VW

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    Small but functional VW

    well last year i bought my first car, it seemed only right to install a cmputer in it, after all i am a geek

    laptop intergration

    okay i started of with an old laptop that was falling apart, no joke! made a wooden box for it and hot-wired the mother board so that i could control the on/off function from the cars dash. Covered the box in the same color cloth as the car interior and stuck it in the boot. i wired the laptop on/off buttons to the car dash. red for emergency power off and green for power on. Next i needed to supply power to this laptop. got myself an laptop power supply for the laptop that pluged into the ciger lighter socket. i by-passed the wiring going into the lighter socket to a new switch and wired it to the psu. this switch (switch_A) now controled the power to the laptop.

    Screen Intergration

    the screen is from, (i recently replaced the touch panel). i moved the radio down to the spare DIN slot and placed the screen above it. and wired the VGA to it from the boot, also with the usb for the touch screen.

    Sound Intergration

    This one was tricky, tried many things , first was an Fm mod,- Hated it , never worked right.
    next i tried wiring it stright ot te speakers, didn't work, as soon as the car or lights started the sound went crap on me.
    Even tried a Pre-amp.
    Finaly i got a old household amp to try out and i tested it with that, worked a treat. so then i bought a 200w 2 channel amp from maplins (it was on special at the time) wired the laptop to the amp, then the amp to a aux input device to convert it to a CD input connection on the back of the radio.
    Then i figgured that the amp will only be on when when the laptop is on so i wired the amp to Switch_A also.

    i threw in a few pc ( low power) lights and wired then to the boot lights.

    didn't need to replace the speakers.

    currently installed a backup camera, i have it in the front but its just not doing me any good. its a B&W Ir camera, gonna mount a few IR lights. but i have installed a new on/off switch for that too. (this on is green in color)

    also looking at getting a GPS aerial for the destinator i have.

    the software i used was centrafuse ( was using ME but recently changed over for the camera usage)

    heres a few pic's, i 'll post more tomorrow night.

    o does anyone know where to get good manga or anime vinyls for the car?

    The car inself

    The boot with the amp and laptop

    close up of the laptop ( the small box is an emergency tourch)

    the screen in the closed position

    everything is hiddin from view, the buttons and switchs are where the rubbish is normal kept. ( i 'll post a pic later)
    the screen folds down and the computer is in the boot.

    and everything can be removed so that the car can be restored to it orginal form in about a day.

    Stephen Walsh
    AKA DarkSlice

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    a few more pics

    night time shots coming soon...

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    Pics not working for me
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    ya sorry guys thought it might fix itself, i'm afraid there is nothing i can do, unless someone knows a better free hosting place?

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    i'm going to give it a few hours to fix itself , if it persists i'll try do something else

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    Works now! Looks good!!!

    Now get some night shots!!

    Hey did you get that touchscreen off of Ebay? It looks like the one I wanna get... how is it?
    My car hates snow!

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    no i got it of, was wating about 2 months before i got it because it was in such demand at the time , also got the replacement touch panel of them.

    i just go take a few night picks brb


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    Pictures are broke again. If you are in need of a host for your pics, PM me. I can create a personal image gallery for you on

    Free file hosting, picture gallery hosting for installs, PM me.

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    3 pics of the rear of the car with the low power lights

    1 pics of the small Infared cctv camera ( getting more Ir lights in 2 weeks)

    Pic of the image that is going from the camera

    a few shots of the system in use

    hope you like it guys,

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    still broke
    Progress,.... that is what I keep forgetting ;)
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