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nice install...
where did you put your car stereo....
and CD/dvd rom...?
I'm not using the factory head-unit at all. The PC (a Morex 3688 case) fits perfectly under the driver's seat (see below).

I have a Radio-Xtreme on the way, so that will take care of my FM needs (hopefully). I really only listen to NPR anyway, and even with the factory head-unit, reception on the public radio stations here is horrid.

As for the CD/DVD-ROM, I haven't figured that out yet. I'm thinking about modifying that 'change holder' thingy on top of the dash into an enclosure to hold it. But as you can see (bottom pic) it won't go there without a fight (aka, creativity). Directly under the monitor won't work, and I haven't tried yet, but I'm pretty sure there isn't enough clearance behind to install it under the A/C controls.