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Thread: BMW E36 Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ekvation View Post
    Damn nice. I'm not sure if i love the location of the screen or hate it.
    It seems like its pretty low and you have to move your eyes alot of the road to see it. But in other hand; It look damn cool ;D
    Thank you
    U are right... it's a bit too low... but i was afraid of the glowing and sunshine problems in upper position...

    and also it was pretty easy to put the lilly there

    I'm thinking about placing the 7" in upper position, but 1st i wanna ask Enforcer if he is encountering more problems now or when his LCD was downside like mine... Can u answer me Enforcer? Thank you
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    Frigor, I never had my screen downside, as you put it, so I can't give you a comparison. However I would think I probably suffer from glowing and sunshine more than you do. However it is more reflected than direct. I get the reflections off the shiny leather and if I wear light coloured tops.

    So if you have dark cloth interior, where dark tops and don't have the centre armrest you should be fine

    I must say though it is a lot easier to use than if it had been down lower, I can tell because using the Climate control is harder than it used to be, but then I don't have to make changes to it that often.

    So to sum up, it's a trade off between visibility and useability.

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    nice. how did you manage to blend it in?

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    oh crap :P
    i ment this pic :
    Quote Originally Posted by dmurray14 View Post
    Since I never posted a pic of mine...

    Obviously not running Centrafuse anymore, but it still looks pretty much the same...


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