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Thread: 1997 Audi A4???

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    1997 Audi A4???

    Sorry if I posted this question in the wrong spot, but I hope to start an install sometime soon. My question is would the Pioneer AVIC-N3 fit nicely in a 1997 Audi A4 or would that look ridiculous? If anyone has any suggestions or has ever seen this been done, please let me know. Thanks...

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    Of course this is the wrong place. I have no clue what a pioneer avic blah is but if its a radio post in the audio forum, a screen try the lcd forum.

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    thats the sedan right. u got that weird dash. yeah the avic-n3 should fit in there u have a single din. the only thing it will block your controls or buttons when the screen folds out. n3 will work. but carputer is nicer.

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