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Thread: 2003 Civic full car pc (PICS)

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    Outside looks nice can't wait to see the inside.

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    well.. its a civic.. with rims, huge front bumper, body kit, chipped paint , extra loud mufler to rev the engine at higher class cars and a car pc.. i say.. well done! need more pics of the car pc though, cant wait to see them

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    I like the glass work that you did for the dash... You do anything in the trunk yet?

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    Nov 2005
    havent see nthe videos yet so im hoping you didnt rice out the exterior but damn that interior is freakin sweet! sooo nice on the glassing. did you glass it your self or have a shop do it? beautiful job regardless. a lot of money and time went into that.

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    How do ypu keep from getting all that white from getting f-ed up, I would have a brownish black interior by the end of one day. Great job on customizing your car though, it looks awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kumanan
    Electrical Hardware

    MII12000 Motherboard
    M2-ATX DC-DC Psu
    Garmin GPS Receiver
    Linksys Wifi finder
    4 port USB Hub
    Wireless Keyboard with touchpad
    Ati Radeon 9250 256MB Video card (Onboard video could not support VGA + S Video out at same time)
    Hey kumanan, that is a very pimped ride, WCC beta watch out. good job.
    I believe you may have the answer to a question i have been researching throughout this forum.
    I have a similar carpc set up with urs. I have the sp 13000 mobo with m2-atx.
    I am trying to display video to my headrest monitors but have not been success using the onboard video card. so i believe the answer is to get a video card like urs
    Now, how are you able power the video card using the m2-atx. I bought a matrox video card but it seems to restart the pc every time i use it (power issue).
    Did you have to hack the video card to add power to it. looks like it from the pictures.
    also with the video card. does the video go the screens the moment u turn the pc on? Any help would be appreciated.

    i do apologise to hogging ur thread. you can send me a pm . thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3g Jester
    havent see nthe videos yet so im hoping you didnt rice out the exterior
    sorry, but it is riced out.

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    You need a low power video card, im using a ati radeon 9250 video card and the m2-atx powers it fine, but then again im not using dvd rom drives or nothing like that to hog up power. I guess i just about broke even with power with the m2-atx.

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    damn that alotta custom work with that civic....good job!

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