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Thread: New Car.. Forx XR6 Turbo

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    Great Car!
    I love the XR6T's, but love the bonnet bulge of the XR8!
    I was close to picking up an XR6, but ended up with a soobie instead.

    Your mates install looks absolutley fantastic, and yours is coming along well too. Is that just body filler that you have used to make the new bezel for your screen in the pics at the top of the page? Did you have any issues with it being too brittle/cracking?
    I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djmickyg View Post
    ok here is some pics of my mates setup. it really does look good
    Any chance of you putting those pics back up? I missed them.

    Nice work on your bezel by the way.

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    i've moved everything over to

    2007 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo UTE

    its going to be more organized

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    My Falcon XR6 Sedan

    I was looking into this further, and I've decided on putting a mac mini into my falcon, How did you go with your screen down the bottom, I don't want to cut into my current screen.

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