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Thread: Envoy Car Audio Install

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    Envoy Car Audio Install

    Just wanted to show you guys our latest creation. System includes an eclipse head unit, 5.1 surround setup and an audiobahn 5.1 amp. The custom hatch interior was made up of fiberglass and reupholstered with factory matching vinyl.
    The floor was raised 4" for the subwoofer and fiberglassed into the factory storage recessed storage area, then covered with a 1" thick beveled/tinted sheet of acrylic.

    Future plans to include a carpc install and two additional amps and subs in a fiberglass enclosure replacing the factory plastic trim over the rear fenders.

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    looks nice, but i think this guy copied you:
    Custom Car Audo 2003 Envoy
    New System in progress:
    Phaze TD1500 ~> Dynaudio MD130
    Phaze TD1500 ~> Seas g18rnx/p
    Zapco Ref 500.1 ~ 12" tc-9
    Behringer DCX2496 ~ Envision Electronics psu
    Transflective Xenarc

    My Car Pc Install
    My Boat Pc worklog

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    nice and shiny.

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    i like the use of the amp to reflect the sub. nice presentation
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