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Thread: My 2006 project.

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    beautiful civic. i love the rims and the puter looks great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by erie
    I bought a new dash kit for a civic with factory nav.

    Looks sweet...I bet that dash kit saved you a crap load of time. I'll keep an eye on this one.

    Keep up the good work.
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    LOOKS GREAT, wheels aren't bad too.

    show us pics of where the laptop is and how you ran the wiring

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    where did u purchase the dash kit from?

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    you purchase the dash kit from honda. its about 50 bucks. or 100 if you get the two peices(i bought both for finishing purposes)

    Honda Part numbers:
    left dash panel part #77250SNAA01ZA
    radio dash panel for si navi #77222SNAA01ZA
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    Right now all of the equiptment is on a board in the trunk. I am still getting all of the hardware sorted out. Yesterday I installed an Audiocontrol 6XS Linedriver / Crossover, still tryin to get some good volume out of the car without having to max out the soundcard. I will post build/rebuild pics this weekend. I hope you all like the end product.
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