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Thread: Finally my 2000 Toyota 4runner google earth equipped car puter

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    Yes indeed it is my car, and just tonight, I had to call AAA becasue my laptop killed my battery, and the towtruck driver said he though tit looked really sweet, not that hes an expert or anything, but nobody that has seen it in person has thought it looked out of place, or ugly, or obstrusive in any way. Plus lets not forget its removable. Also it is hands down the easiest way to control the computer while driving. I can literally surf ebay, emails all sorts of stuff, with little effort, or distraction from driving. I like it, to me its the best most maximum perfect way to have it, for me, so , lets let this keyboard thing go shall we,

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    this guy has a mac-mini carputer. He took apart an old keyboard and made it to where the buttons on the xenerac where hooked up to the keyboard circuitboard. maybe you could do this and have the buttons for zoom, and such in your center consel, or armrest.
    From here there are 7 more pics

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    I like the keyboard. I'm having my whole dash converted to a oversized, foam buttoned keyboard that you can use by punching the buttons you want (with your fists)
    current system: car2pc adapter playing aux in for a sansa fuze media player. simple. cheap. effective.

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