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Thread: 2000 Toyota 4 runner google earth super-puter

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    2000 Toyota 4 runner google earth super-puter


    Alpine deck MP3-XM-AUX
    MB Quart 6.5 compnent front speakers
    Infinity Rear speakers
    Kicker AMP
    MTX 8000 Sub
    JL AMP (mids,his)
    Toshiba satellite S25-307 (P4, 2.8, 1gig ram, 60 gig HD:::running widnows XP)
    Lilliput 8.4 wallmount LCD Touchscreen monitor
    THink outside bluetooth keyboard
    Samsung t809 bluetooth broadband edge Tmobile,

    I ran a cable for a rear camera, but will get it later on.
    The GOOPS works great , I have real time tracking with sattelite imagery in google earth. I highly recommend it.

    I can get better pics later on if any body realy cares to see more, ,

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    Hehe looks liek you pretty much scraficed your seats to run cabled through them. I dunno about the setup.. I guess it's ok if it works. Not that pretty though. I wouldn't glue a fold up keyboard to my steering wheel.. lol. If I was going to break into a car and saw you had a keyboard on the steering wheel I'd think there's a good chance there will be other goodies in there worth stealing.
    "He who dies with the most toys, wins".

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    If the airbag goes off, that keyboard is gona fly somewhere and hurt someone.

    If that happens, someone needs to videotape theconversation with the doctor:
    "Tell me again how you got an ESC key lodged in your eye...."
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I applaud your ingenuity.

    but I'm with the others, cleaned up, this install would be very nice!
    Jan Bennett
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    Can your pictures get any bigger, seriously?

    1996 Accord Ex Carputer

    Soon to come 2008 WRX 5-door Mac-carputer.

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    Airbag was my first thought also.

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    itd be funny if the only keys that made an imprint were the "O" key "U" key "C" key and the "H" key, haha

    ok, so im tired....
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