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Thread: Celica install, phase 1 done

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    Celica install, phase 1 done

    It occurred to me today that I have been done with my "phase 1" for about 3 months now and I forgot to post it. Anywhere, here it is......

    Did the fiberglass myself, but got body shop to paint and shine. CD burner and 4-port USB in dash. Yes, that is a Logitech Marble cut-up and molded where the ashtray used to be.

    ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard in visor.

    Glovebox is now a case. Plexiglass heat-bent as cover. Jacks (KB, PS2, ether, audio in) dongled/extended to right glovebox side. Ignition-shutdown toggle, power and reset buttons on left glovebox side.

    A little blue cold-cathod

    What do you think?

    Next: Reverse camera, ODB2

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    did you just take the ball from the logitec mause ?
    and about the keyboard is it a visor keyboard and is it fit to an ordenary pc? what need to be mode to the keyboard to put it in a pc?

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    Looks like some good work, keep it up.

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    I like it. Good job so far. What's after Phase 1?
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    the glove box is scary lookin.

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    Man... That installation is good. but is there another way you can put the hardware other than the glove box... that thing look like a maze man.. do u have space under the seets or something... good luck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by agmsd
    Man... That installation is good. but is there another way you can put the hardware other than the glove box... that thing look like a maze man.. do u have space under the seets or something... good luck...

    That car does not have space under the seats... you would be lucky to fit a small billfold under one of them... no room for PC hardware.
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    Great job, I'm doing an install on my 05 Celica. My main system will be trunk mounted instead of in the glove compartment. I also want to remove the stupid sunglasses hold and put my screen there. Mine is 8 inches so I'll have to do more cutting and fiberglass work to get it to fit right. Wow, 4 USBs in the front, are you using a hub for that? And if so, is it a powered hub?


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    great job! looks similar to the setup i had

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    where did you get the cord that extends the wireless internet antenna? i have a typical wireless card and i want extend the original antenna and tuck it somewhere under the roof. i just want the extension cord i don't want to get that little replacement antenna.
    project in the worklog but i will post a completed thread.

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