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Thread: 2005 Volvo S40

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    2005 Volvo S40

    It's been almost a year since I began this project and it's finally complete!

    All thats left to be done is put in my new FM Modulator. My previous one broke. Aside from that its done and everything works. Click on each picture to enlarge.

    The LCD is mounted using a square silver bracket that has something to do with housing. I found it at Home Depot near the gutters and stuff. It slides in right in the top and bottom around the AC.

    This is the USB Hub. Connected is a mOByDic module, Bluetooth Reciever and Mini Keyboard. When the keyboard is not in use it is stuck inside the little holder at the edge of my seat (as you see right above the USB hub). In the front passenger compartment I put some Klear cleaning solution incase my screen gets dirty.

    Mounted above the back shelf is the a Linksys WLAN Adapter and the BU-303 GPS.

    This is where the FM Modulator will be installed to.

    Under the computer is a subwoofer holding a JL 12" sub. To the left of the computer (mounted on the ceiling of the trunk) is the fan. That box right above the computer is a fuse distro block.

    I just added a lot of tape around that screw so it doesnt scrape the case any more. Nothing like a sharpie to fix that up

    Where the PCI card would go I just cut out a little piece of MDF. I then cut 3 holes and a square. I made a little hole to connect the positive, negative, remote as well as the legacy connector from the car to the PC nice and easy.

    I plan on eventually adding a backup camera. The mounting of that will surely be tricky.

    I'll get some better looking pics up ASAP.

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    Nice install.

    What are you using for obd (4th picture). Do you have a pc interface?

    2005 S40 2.0D - Sport Body Kit
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    Thanks mJrO. The ODB leads to a mOByDIC Interface which leads to USB into the USB hub. The software I use is digimoto.

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    Crap. Luckily I made a ghost image of a fully working XP install because it crashed twice. The first time it had a SYSTEM32\CONFIG error and this time its an NTDLR error. I think my sub is killing my hdd, or my hdd is just turning to ****. I think I might get a flash drive for my OS (it's about 2GB with everything) and use the IDE drive simply for my Music. I got the FM transmitter installed by the way. I use to use a Scosche FM-MOD01 and it sounded good until it broke. I just installed an EFM-01 and it sounds like ****. It's really dissapointing. I wish volvo or something would just invent a method for an aux in, I would pay good money for it. I also got the computer secured to my sub enclosure better; its not longer a screw keeping it from falling off. I also had to buy a USB hub because my PCMIA USB card broke. Anyways Ill get up some pics of the FM modulator and the rest when I get a chance.

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    lol im recovering my files after i accedently formatted the wrong partition, insted of formatting the 15gb partition that windows was on i formatted the 285gb one that 10gb's of mp3's, 20gb of music vid and 80gb of movies/shows where on. the last 2 days i was undoing my mistake with recovery software

    btw, i work as a parts guy in volvo right now(trucks though), and the radios are pritty highend. with inputs, single and double din, cd changer ect. only the double din /w cd mp3 wma tape and cd changer costs 1500 and the changer costs 800, so what was that about paying good maney?lol.
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