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Thread: Modified Xenarc MP-SC3/Sumicom S350

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    Modified Xenarc MP-SC3/Sumicom S350

    Well, I have been lurking these forums for awhile so i figured I would let you in on my setup.

    I purchased a Xenarc Barebones MP-SC3 and a usedf P4 2.4ghz HT CPU. I noticed that while running this at 1.5ghz the temp was idling around 63degrees celcius, a bit too hot for my liking so i decided to do some modifications

    I had a Video Card cooler (Vantec Iceberg pro 5) that I was no longer using and discovered it fit prfectly into this pc. I cut a large blow hole and also added mounting feet and a fan filter and then painted it flat black!

    It now idles at 47 degrees celcius and looks pretty cool!

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    Nice litte box you have. look forward to see the rest off the instalation
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    Well, Back in August I finished my install, and figured I would show you guys the rest of the install!

    My only concern was the temperatures here in Canada with the hard drive, but so far we have hit -10C And it started up no problems


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    looks good!

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