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Thread: 1970 AMC Hornet "factory" MP3 system...

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    1970 AMC Hornet "factory" MP3 system...

    My daily driver is a 1970 AMC Hornet, a hybrid of 1960's American and 'import scene' style... totally monochrome, whited out, decent performance, good mileage and good sound. 100% restored or rebuilt as new or better.

    I wanted a real mp3 system that umm, err, the American Motors Corp. factory would have shipped in 1970... sorta. Or looked like it, anyways. I also wanted no LCD VGA, keyboard, thief-attracting flash, and have it work as well as a plain old AM radio.

    It's a VIA 5000 fanless CPU, VoomPC chassis, M1-ATX power supply (all bought from MP3car), SuSE linux 10.0, custom software, and a custom control head built into a factory AM radio chassis. 60GB of music, wifi networking, fully automatic power and network management. Lots of documentation including software, here:

    Installed and working fine. Problems with the USB wifi, so I have to plug in ethernet to load music (grrr...).

    Pictures of the car here, though they're old, and don't show the new wheels and detail, I just realized. Will try to fix that by 10 July. One recent side-view below.
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    plain and simple.. sweet!

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    What's the "Desert Only" setting on the climate control do?

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    Wow. I learned to drive in a 1977 Hornet. It was baby blue and was orginally an Army recruiter's car.

    The 'Desert Only' setting for the A/C was for those really hot days. Growing up in El Paso, the A/C was on that setting all the time...
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    nice restore and low key mp3 player. when you see a car that year its usually an old beater. i always enjoy seeing something restored driving down the road. its fun to take it out to car meets too :P I have a couple cars me and my dad redid before he passed. (69 camaro and a 39 ford) the 39 was his. the camaro we did for my high school graduation present. I dont have the balls to install a pc in either of them though. lol. then again i only drive them a couple times a year on sunny days, when theres no chance for rain lol.
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    Love it! Fits the car well.

    I'm a bit of a AMC junky myself, it's awesome to see one on this forum. Right now I have a 81 SX4 I'm supposed to be restoring, a direct desendent of your car.

    So you went with the inline 6? I would have had to swap a 390/401 Man I can just imagine how fun that would be. At least the 232 will last forever, and probably give you 3x the MPG.
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    very nice install. i must do one like that

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    amazing! sweet install!

    I love seeing a computer installed in an old car.

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