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Thread: my 02 galant

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    my 02 galant

    alright i finally finished this ****in thing lol lmk wut u think im letting it dry right now so ill take pics w/ screen and everyhing else l8er

    this was the original setup

    Then i went to this just finished it

    its not perfect but idc its only the 1 lil mark by the buttons but thats really it. You wont really even notice it when it goes in and that part is smooth too. Its not that glittery the flash made it look like that. I'm gonna be painting my inteior pieces that color so might as well paint it that color now.

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    01 galant owner here

    Nice work !!!!!! Hey How did u mold it (what did u use, resin fiber glass, bondo?) any pics of the molding process? im starting mine soon n trying to get this crap straight about what to use to mold my console n still have the wholes for those buttons! thanks

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