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Thread: Peugeot 106 Install:

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    Peugeot 106 Install:

    Hi All.

    Here are some images of my Finished 106 install, while not the First, Second i believe, mine is better though

    Monitor is a LINITX.COM 7" Model, Custom mould made up of Monitor Bezel, Facia Adaptor and Stock Enclosure, Search and you will find my other posts on this..

    And the Boot - Simple MDF install to Maximise "SPACE" in the small boot.
    Basically just a 5mm floor carpeted with 10mm side walls for mounting the PC and AMP. PC is an IBM Netvista SSF. PC is mounted by screwing four screws into the MDF from inside the pc and reinstalling the internals.

    Not Seen is the USB Port in the Glovebox for Misc and the GPS Unit which is wired to the dash to look like an OEM alarm unit, let me know if you want to see a pic of that..

    Let me know what you guys think... Cut the floor to short, should run under rear seat, plan to redo that and recover the rear of the rear seat in the same carpet but over all very happy for a budget setup.. Screen 300euro, PC - 100Euro, OPUS 100Euro GPS - 80euro.... MISC 80 - 100 euro.. Came in on my 600euro Budget..
    P4 Celeron 2.2 - 512MB - OPUS 250 - Audigy SE - BU353 - HQCT - No Speakers though :-(

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    glad to see that you went through the trouble of at least securing things, including the speaker wire! Many folks here don't even bother to do that.

    Jan Bennett
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    Looks nice! I've got a peugeot 106 myself and also working on a carputer. Please show more of your installation!
    Car: Peugeot 106
    Monitor: K500
    Carputer: Acer Travelmate 661Lmi
    Front-end: RoadRunner
    Skin: Simplistique by LLOYDY
    Navigation: iGuidance 2.1.2 Europe, embedded with iGlaunch
    GPS: BU-353 USB


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    Hey Man, search for my other posts, PM me for more direct 106 specific info..
    P4 Celeron 2.2 - 512MB - OPUS 250 - Audigy SE - BU353 - HQCT - No Speakers though :-(

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