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Thread: 2003 Mercedes C230 Sports Coupe

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluecrabby View Post
    Do you have any more info about that CanBus system? I've been trying to figure aout a way to integrate my steering wheel controls on my '02 C240
    I'm looking for that as well...

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    So does the command navigation get integrated with the carputer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by taylor192 View Post
    I have future plans for the carPC:
    1. Canbus adaptor to map steering wheel controls to the CarPC and write text back to the display in the dash
    2. Win TV/FM (WTB!)
    3. Digital audio to a 5.1 amp
    4. GPS (WTB! need iGuidance too!)
    5. OBD-II (WTB!)

    If anyone has these parts for sale let me know.
    I have a 2002 C230 Kompressor Coupe.. Kinda like yours and man do I want to integrate my iPhone into this car. Tell me you can help!!!! please please please!!!

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    Need Help??

    Hey man, Nice pics.

    I have same 03 c230k and I want some information..

    1. can you tell me how do you have seat heater in yours coz I don't have it in mine and how can I get it.

    2. I'm trying hard to install ipod in my car and increase the sound qualities.
    do you have any suggestion??


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    Nice job man, looks factory. If you are having a lot of problems with the OS, you should trim down winXP yourself to make sure that nothing you want is getting left out. Here's a pretty nice guide that does that.

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