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Thread: 2003 Mercedes C230 Sports Coupe

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    2003 Mercedes C230 Sports Coupe

    CarPC is in and working, just need to get some of the bugs out of the software.

    Indash bezel:
    Super 7" TS
    slot-load DVD-R

    Both molded into double-din adaptor. To make both fit into the double-din the connector on the screen was unsoldered and relocated using 22g wire since it came out the bottom of the screen where the DVD drive is. The buttons for the LCD were located to the ashtray since the IR doesn't appear to be working on my Super screen.

    Freetech MB
    1.3 GHz P3
    512 DDR
    Carnetix 1900
    1 GB CF

    Custom case:
    I took a 1/2 rack-mount case and cut it down 3" to fit under the glove box area. I expoxied L-brackets to the case to make it taller and give a flat surface to attach a plexiglass cover too. I have the case mounted upside down such that I can use mirrored plexi at shows to show off the CarPC. All wires were soldered with quick disconnects to remove the carPC easily. (pics to come).

    Problems I need to resolve:
    1. RR does not run well with TinyXP. Sometimes buttons don't work, menus don't change.
    2. Winamp crashes sometimes
    3. The IDE->USB adaptor does not auto-detect when the PC boots, I need to physically disconnect the USB and plug it back in.
    4. I have no audio currently, modifying the tape deck to take RCA level inputs, and I screwed it up at midnight one night, so I gotta retrace all my steps.

    Here's one pic of the bezel:

    Here's some pics of the car:

    Some specs on the car:
    Brabus body kit
    Lorinser roof wing
    Invader hood (custom, from a 95 Civic)
    McLaren F1 2-tone paint scheme
    Brabus replica 19" wheels
    Tein COs
    Renntech crank pulley
    and a whole lot more!

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    I have future plans for the carPC:
    1. Canbus adaptor to map steering wheel controls to the CarPC and write text back to the display in the dash
    2. Win TV/FM (WTB!)
    3. Digital audio to a 5.1 amp
    4. GPS (WTB! need iGuidance too!)
    5. OBD-II (WTB!)

    If anyone has these parts for sale let me know.

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    Nice paint job yo. I also like the hood.

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    sand the chrome Benz sign with 200 grith, and spray it red to match the stripe pattern

    would look kick ***
    good luck on pc,

    R. T. F. M

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    sweet, 2nd w203 ive seen with a carputer. nice job. Let me know how that canbus project comes out.

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    Any updates on this?

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    any chance of resizing pics? i love these cars. nice install too. the paint job isnt really my thing but still nice car. like the wheels too.

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    like the bonnet tho.

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    I have that same hood, just on a much slower car.

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    Do you have any more info about that CanBus system? I've been trying to figure aout a way to integrate my steering wheel controls on my '02 C240

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