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Thread: 2005 Mutang Carputer & Audio System

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    2005 Mutang Carputer & Audio System

    Some picture oy my install on my 05 stang.

    Amp Rack<br>

    Amp rack filled<br>

    Amp Rack installed<br>

    Amp Rack Cover<br>

    Amp Rack Cover Installed<br>

    Side Panels and Inverter installed, See that void. That where i'm putting a full blown xpc. More photos coming.<br>

    Other side. Disc changer etc..<br>

    Multi monitors are coming shortly and i have a 17" lcd i'm mounting later today so stay turned.
    Mustang Whore

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    The Mustang emblem is a great idea...nice "splash" of shine to the carpet...and goes well with the metallic surfaces on the amps.

    Good luck...keep up the good work.

    PS...and I thought I had no trunk space with my Mustang and two 12"s...hope you don't like to golf. ;-)

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    Wow... that is gorgeous.
    Carputer Progress
    [||||||||||] 100%
    Finally Installed!!
    Everything is in the car and working.
    I painted the cilpboard mount and it looks good.
    Shutdown/Startup is working excellent!
    View My Progress Here

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    I see that 60's mustang in the background, where are the pictures of it?

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