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Thread: 1998 Navputer

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    1998 Navputer

    Ok, I just wanted to post up my pictures. They were taken with a camera phone so they are kinda crappy.

    GX260 mobo, 2.6ghz, P4
    1 gig ram
    32 meg ati video card
    60 gig 2.5" hdd
    250 gig 3.5" hdd
    K301 lcd
    Zippy keyboard
    Griffin volume control
    GPS (I forget what brand)
    Linksys Usb WIFI adapter

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    You cant really tell from these pictures but I have the slim cdrw in the factory cd changer and on the outside, I have a 4 port hub connecting my zippy, griffin and mouse. I use the other port for my flash drive or portable HD to bring in external files. That i-plug that u see there is for connecting another audio source that someone might bring in, such as an ipod or another mp3 player. My radio has 2 aux ports, one for the computer and the other for this plug
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    This is a shot from the back of the truck
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    This is to show that I have hidden a hub underneith the rear panel. To this, I have a bluetooth adapter and my gps hooked up to it. I also HAD a webcam to assist in parking but ever time I used it, my computer process would spike to 100% so I chose to remove it and im just going to get a cam that goes in the rear key hole
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    This shows the usb cable from the hub to the GPS on the roof
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    Here is the GPS, magnetically attached to my roof and under one of those roof racks. Its been there for over 7 months, we had some cold *** weather during winter (-25 f) and some hot *** weather in the summer (105f so far) and its still running great. Has had snow over it, water over it, and it always picks up a signal. I love it

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    Please comment on it. What you like, hate, what can be improved. thanks for looking

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    Beautifully done.

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    i like the case in the arm rest, very clean.
    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!

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    Thanks, I was trying to keep it a little clean. Im planning on adding 2 lighted fans, some hinges and a cylinder lock on the plexi cover to prevent theft. I already have the hindes and lock, just waiting on the fans. will post pikz upon completion

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    bump cause i love my setup

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    bumpidy bump bump

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