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Thread: Trailblazer Carputer Project - COMPLETE!!!

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    Now THAT looks awesome bro' - It was about time you painted it - I like the idea of using the clipboard - That's proper -
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    Great Installed. Looks way better painted. The clipboard texture make it the oem look.

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    clipboard... i'd call it a cheap set up... if it didnt work and look so damn good
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    I have a request

    I too have a Chevy Trailblazer 04 that I am installing a Carputer In. I am using RoadRunner as my menu screen and have been working on the logo in the middle of the screen. I noticed in your images that your TrailBlazer actually has a factory emblem other than the standard "Chevy Bowtie". It is located on your dash board to left of your new touch screen where my 4WD control knob is at.

    Could I get you to scan that emblem and send me the image? I ahve looked at many Trailblazers and believe it or not, I can't find any with that emblem! If I had the emblem image, I could play with it in Photoshop and color it and emboss it and put it in the center of my skin menus. If you do this, I'll glady send you a copy when it is finished.

    Have you installed any front end program to your carputer yet?

    I chose to mount my touchscreen in front of the center vents on the ledge. Not very factory looking, but I can't see taking out my factory Bose premium sound with everything that is integrated into it.

    Please let me know


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    No problem. As soon as I get time Ill get some pictures up here for you...

    I dont have a scanner so will a high res picture do? I might be able to scan it using my friends scanner, but I'm not sure how good it will come out.

    Actually, whenever I get around to it, I'm going to take that out and replace it with a custom panel with a aux usb port, and volume knob, and a memory card reader... I just havent had the time to get it done.

    If you read my first post, youll see I use MobileImpact and love it. I have tried using other front ends but I guess I cant configure them properly because none of them work as well as MobileImpact does for me.

    When you get everything up and running, please let me know. I'd love to see some pictures of what you get done
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    i have been browsing these boards for awhile and haven't posted until now... i felt compelled to post kudos to you in this thread...

    why? because i am NO craftsman. I can't use bondo or fiberglass, and have very poor fabrication skills. What i saw you do with a clipboard is inspiring! it makes me think i can actually do something that will work. Honestly, after you colored your clipboard it looks just as professional as any other install on here. BIG kudos to you brother, great job!

    love the tower as well... gave me a good chuckle.

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    Looks great. I see alot of space left around the screen why not try for a inch or two bigger. Also A Tower for a carputer is Crazy but it is a SUV. Nice work with everything
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    100x better with the painted clipboard. nice install, it's coming along very nicely
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    Wow you've got me really geared up to get a carputer into my 2002 Trailblazer. Do you think you could have fit an 8 inch screen in the bay?

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