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Thread: I30 Infiniti One Of Kind I Hope :)

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    wow. lol at all dat above. haha definitely got me in a good mode to being purchasing parts. BTW, I302K. Couldnt you ahve just gone to a junk yard and copped an OEM housing just in case you messed up the original? Maybe im not informed well, when you remove the bezel for the HU, wasnt the space Double Din? Or culdnt you have cut it out to Double Din size and just slap in ur screen and bondo and all dat labor work? holla at me iight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goosey2099 View Post
    WTF?!? Now I have to step in. The guy who did this is a professional body shop guy, I know him he is a very good friend of mine and Iíve used him before. Actually he is currently doing a carpc install in his 05 Mustang. Some people are good at mechanics some computers and some at body work. Just because you can imagine how to make a screen like this doesnít mean you should especially if you have no idea how to do this. I did a lot of work for i302kís car and everything runs great and exactly as it should. This molding was not as simple as mine where you can take a xenarc bezel glue it, bondo it sand it and paint it. This was a totally custom job that started of by making a mold of the original radio and then molding in the xenarc into it. On another note those HIDís are excellent and I would personally recommend them to anyone. They arenít that blinding and defiantly have a nice color to them. These lights have no cutoff as they donít have projectors with cutoff shields. 4300 is usually a stock color that car manufactures use. 6000 is more of something that we can actually get away with in NYC without cops busting our balls for, so thatís why we have them. To tell you the truth, if I can blind you on the road I would just because you would pick a fight about something that doesnít really matter. BTW, Iím pretty sure I can have this car swapped over to manual. Iíve done already 4 galants already (v6/i4 models), and did one today actually in 5.5 hours total. It would take a lot of research to find out if it can be done safely to his car considering the fact that you would probably get a CEL light for missing transmission solenoids and torque converter. But it can still be done. So ease up! This is suppose to be a project show off which I believe it is rather then a criminal defense case.

    hahaha, that was my car. Score.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    i would like to add something to this thread. Great car you got there, i'm a maxima fan. Owned 4 maxima in my life so far, now i got a 300zx TwinTurbo. 95-99 maxima = VQ30DE same is for the infinity i30. 00-01 i30 = VQ30DEK, basically same engine with variable intake manifold. Same is with the 00-02 maxima = vq30dek. I35 and 02-03 maxima = VQ35DE. I have swapped in a VQ35DE into my 4th gen 96 maxima WITHOUT changing out the ECU. Changing the auto from to the manual only requires the ECU change, and of course all the manual parts, clutch and so on. just want to put in some input so people who don't know anything about these cars can stop talking like they do. and if you're maxima with the vq35de swap ran 13's mid 13's in the quater mile.

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    interested in selling pc?

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