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Thread: 1999 Chev Blazer (Pics)

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    1999 Chev Blazer (Pics)

    Hey everyone

    Check out my Truck Computer. It's in the finishing stages, tonight i test fit everything to make sure it was a good fit. Definatly was, I have a few things left to do like paint, a little more spot putting in certain spots and thats roughly it.

    The Specs on the system are

    Lilliput 7" touchscreen
    Pioneer DEH3800
    10 gig HD (Upgrading soon)
    512 Ram
    Crappy Mobo with onboard 1500c processor (also going to upgrade)
    Wireless card (external antenna)

    For some sound I have 2 12" Kappa Perfect 12.1D's powered by a JBL 600.1BP amp

    What I did was take the screen apart took my dash apart molded the screen into the stock CD player location with a little bit of chopping. Then I relocated my CD player down to the change bin, fabracated a mold, fiberglassed, bondo.... you guys know all the steps, Idea, Cut, Epoxy, Sanding, Bondo, Sand, repeat, Prime, Paint. but here is a link to the pics!

    Questions, Comments, all welcome. - My MSN Space Page has all of my photos

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    Really nice job so far, can't wait to see it painted!!! I really like what you did with the center console.

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    I second that, really nice job....
    Carputer Progress
    [||||||||||] 100%
    Finally Installed!!
    Everything is in the car and working.
    I painted the cilpboard mount and it looks good.
    Shutdown/Startup is working excellent!
    View My Progress Here

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