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Thread: BMW 325ci Cabrio (E46) install

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    BMW 325ci Cabrio (E46) install

    I finally finished my carputer in my E46 325 Ci cambrio.
    Name:  HPIM1398_resize.JPG
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    All items were bought from mp3car store:

    -Xenarc 700TSV - VGA Monitor with touchscreen and video inputs
    -E46 Double-DIN Stereo/LCD Bezel
    -Carnetix CNX-P1900 Ver. 2.2 Dual Output 140 Watt 12V DC-DC Regulator with third output for usb hubs CNX-P5V +5v/15 watt regulator.
    -Aopen Pandora MiniPC MP945-VX Multi
    -Aopen MiniPC plug-and play Power Button Cable Kit for P1900
    -3 mini usb hubs
    -Holux GPSlim 236 for GPS
    -Benq keyboard and mouse set
    -Ibus interface
    -OBDII interface

    Name:  HPIM1396_resize.JPG
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    Name:  HPIM1397_resize.JPG
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    After removing the plastics and the bmw original player the car look like this:
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    Behind the head unit we can place the ibus interface which is connected to a powered hub underneath
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    I added a usb hub in the ashtray:
    Name:  HPIM1402_resize.JPG
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    I got the power for the Carnetix CNX-P1900 from the front right side (ovet the right weel):
    Name:  HPIM1403_resize.JPG
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    Dimitris Balomenos the owner of the place (Sound Perfection Keiriadon 101, Petralona, Athens) where I did the installation (with my instructions of course). He is trying to put the power supply...
    Name:  HPIM1404_resize.JPG
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    The power supply under the hood...
    Name:  HPIM1405_resize.JPG
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    Trying to connect the wires of Carnetix CNX-P1900. What a mess This is under the glove where we finally put the CNX-P1900.
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    We got all the cables inside the glove where the aopen will be put:
    Name:  HPIM1410_resize.JPG
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    In the rear we have another usb hub connecting to GPS. We used a special 5 meter usb cable with repeater:
    Name:  HPIM1411_resize.JPG
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    The usb will be connected with the original BMW Navi aerial (cable on top):
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    Finally The Aopen inside the glove. Remember to conect the plug-and play Power Button Cable Kit for P1900 to JP3 of Carnetix CNX-P1900 Ver. 2.
    Name:  HPIM1413_resize.JPG
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    Xenarc in the right place. Well it did not fit well needed to push a little...
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    a professional install shop wires like that? no soldering and no heatshrink? is it just me, or does that wiring job look terrible?? Nice car tho..

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    The first boot. Everything was working perfect...
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    I use fodoplayer...
    Name:  HPIM1417_resize.JPG
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    The guy who did all the wiring for me under my instructions...Dimitris Balomenos the owner of the place (Sound Perfection Keiriadon 101, Petralona, Athens).
    Name:  HPIM1418_resize.JPG
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    Finally me George Kapogiannopoulos, another happy BMW owner ready to ride...
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    Thank you guys for all the posts in forum. I also like to thank the guys in the mp3car shop, and finally Dimitri Balomeno for his fine job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ8501 View Post
    a professional install shop wires like that? no soldering and no heatshrink? is it just me, or does that wiring job look terrible?? Nice car tho..
    the pictures showing the wires are not in the final stage. Soldering was done only to a connector to ibus and a connector to control the power button of Aopen. Heatshrink was not used at all. I do not know if it is needed anywhere or i am wrong???

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    From what I have read good wiring is extremely important. If not done right can cause fires and other problems. Just using electrical tape isn't suggested.

    That's information I have gathered from Red's posts

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    You need to put that plastic double din cage that goes behind the screen (the one that the head unit was sitting in when you took it out). Without it, the bezel (as you can see from the pics) sits back to far and is not flush with the dash. That recess that you see is because the bezel was designed to sit on top of that plastic case.

    When i installed my carputer, i first had it like yours, but then i realized that the pics on SrCsTc's website looked more flush...well, that's why. You will have to mod that plastic piece though in order to allow the screen to fit in the dash. Just cut out the middle shelf and make it so that it's just a square's just the ears that the bezel attaches to along with the bottom support piece that will help it sit flush.

    Other than that, i would reinsert the ashtray and mod it to make the usb hub fit in the looks of it, it should fit snuggly with some drilling to accomodate the wire comming out of it.

    - SrCsTc's Bezel
    - Alpine W200/H701
    - ED Nine.2X
    - OZ Matrix Elites
    - ED Nine.1
    - Idmax 12's

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