As much as I tried finding a nice solution to install OEM the carPC in a Jaguar, it's an awful dirty job. So here's an easy install of my laptop:

The laptop is a Compaq Armada M300 running TinyXP ver05 and RoadRunner with iDrive skin and MapMonkey. The GPS receiver is a Navilock and the monitor bought on Ebay, but pretty cool. One of the Volume buttons is re-wired to start or shutdown the laptop. The soundsystem was easy to fix with the line-in from the Blaupunkt Los Angeles.
The costs were:
- laptop: 150eur, compaq armada m300
- GPS mouse: 50eur, Navilock
- Player with line-in: 50eur, Blaupunkt Los Angeles
- Touchscreen monitor: 169eur, no-name
- Car charger for the laptop: 19eur

The whole installation blog and more pictures are on www.jayaky.org/blog/