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Thread: 2004 Mystichrome Cobra Install

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    2004 Mystichrome Cobra Install

    Well I figured it was about time I posted some pics and info on my project here since I've gotten good feedback thus far from the people who've seen it in person or posted over at This system has been a long time coming for me, it was originally intended to go into my 2000 Mountaineer, but that met it's demise about a week or so before I was planning to install. I spent a few months car-less before buying the cobra from my brother. That was late september of last year. Obviously winter was coming so the project was held off until this past spring. I'm currently in the process of making a new bezel that includes a slot for the DVD-RW. I'm also being more methodical in its construction since I'm already experiencing some cracking on the first bezel. It is far from being one of the nicest installs on here, but I am relatively happy with how it turned out. It has flaws, some of which are listed below, but most are easily fixable. Just have to find the time and have the weather cooperate when I do have the time.

    System Details:
    Via Epia MII 12000
    512MB DDR333
    80G 5400rpm 2.5" Seagate drive
    Slimline notebook slot-load DVD-RW drive(not yet installed)
    Globalsat br-355 GPS reciever with serial cable. (Mine is actually rebadged by semesons as the i.trek s3.)
    Iguidance 3
    Xenarc 700TSV
    DSATX 220W DC-DC

    Car Details
    2004 Mustang Cobra Coupe with Mystichrome package
    it's one of 1,010 total Mystichrome Cobra's made and one of 515 Mystichrome Coupes made. This color was only offered in 2004, not to be confused with the Mystic paint on the 1996 Cobra. For those don't know, Mystichrome paint is a color shifting paint like Dupont Chromalusion. Mystichrome shifts between Purple, Blue, Green, and Black(rarely seen for some reason). Even the interior of the car has Mystichrome accents Most of the leather surfaces have been pigmented with the mystichrome. The steering wheel and seats for instance match the exterior of the car and change the same colors.

    My current incomplete list:
    1. Radio Tuner Status: Incomplete

    2. Install the DVD-RW drive Status: complete
    My original plan was to install the drive in the console, however I recently discovered it won't fit without cutting up the console. I have this thing with cutting up my original parts, so i'm currently in the market for a dark charcoal console.

    5-13-07 Update: The new bezel with a slot for the DVD-RW drive is installed.

    3. Mount the usb ports Status: Incomplete
    I'll likely mount these somewhere on the replacement console when I get it.

    4. Repaint the bezel Status: Incomplete
    The paint I got from the 50resto did not match. I know it can only be so close, but it's pretty off.

    Current Bug List:
    1. Turn-0n Pop through the speakers. Status: Not Addressed
    Very common in car-audio. I need to build some kind of delay that keeps the amps from powering up before the computer is power up.

    2. Low buzz from speakers. Status: Not Addressed
    Most likely a ground loop. Will install ground loop isolator.

    3. Buggy Navigation Status: Not Addressed
    This just cropped up recently. I know people have been having trouble with IG3, but I think mine is more related to the reciever being mounted in the pillar behind the pillar trim.

    Far from perfect, but let's face it, do we ever feel we've reached perfection? I have to give many thanks to the people on this site for the inspiration and guidance that helped my project to turn out as good as it did. Hopefully I can give back some of the help I've recieved. Now on to the pics.


    Screen glued into place, ready for bondo work. No I didn't paint it red, it was like that when I got it off of ebay.

    Same as above, but reverse side.

    This shows the piece of plexiglass I put into to keep the shape of the bottom of the screen flat.

    Closeup on the screen

    After some bondo work and some sanding.

    Another shot of above.

    Just about done, primered.

    Another primer shot.


    The finished product:

    Driver view


    Main Menu of the frontend software.

    Frontend running Iguidance Navigation Software.

    A couple pics of the case the motherboard is mounted in. Was really thrown together at the last minute due to space constraints. I had made a nice plexiglass case, but it turned out a tad bigger than would fit.

    5-13-07 Update:
    New Bezel installed with a slot for the DVD-RW drive as well as a coin holder replacement with USB ports and status LED's. More info and pics in Post #27.

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    Some more pics, looks like theres a 15 pic limit per post

    The Car:

    Early construction on the factory mountaineer console trim:

    Mounting the frame for the bezel

    Laying the fleece for fiberglassing

    After fiberglassing, some bondo, and some sanding

    Same as above, side shot

    After lots of work, primered. Still not done, just wanted to see what it was starting to look like. About another day's worth of work was left.

    Pics of the original plexiglass case

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    nery nice dash, very good work
    Plan for project = 100%
    Part the project. = 100%
    Built...................= 99%
    Finish.................= 99%
    Install ...............= 99% -50%
    Ditail at

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    Thanks, couldn't have done it without the great info I've found on this site.

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    Nice work. That sucks about your plexiglass case, it looks very nice.

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    I think the car color is awesome. Nice work on the dash too... looks smooooooth
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    My Car :

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    SICK car man. My favorite body style of the newer Mustangs.

    That screen looks like it could be OEM. Very well done.

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    Thanks for the great compliments guys. It means alot to me. I'm hoping the redesigned bezel turns out equally OEM-esque. Time will tell. In the coming days I'll post progress pics of the new bezel.


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    great work! I wish I had the patience to sand my console as smooth as yours turned out...

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    good job man, looks really good.
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