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Thread: Miata Install

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewalksalvage View Post
    I love the picture frame idea!

    Yeah ive found a few thinkpads in the trash....the first the hdd controller was broken so it would mean replacing the that was off... the second the screen was cracked and the processor was something like 200mhz... so not worth much there.... and i forget what the last was..... but yeah i love finding stuff in the garbage and making it work. I have 2 laptops a fujitsu and a micro-something that i have gotten working in the past and then sold!
    I used a Thinkpad 600 in the picture frame. It is a 230 Mhz processor. Very slow, but ok for this task.
    You might want to double check the CMOS battery on that Thinkpad that has the non-functioning HD controller. My Thinkpad's give strange boot error codes when the CMOS battery is low. Mine said the processor fan was dead and the memory was bad, but that all went away after replacing the $1 battery.


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    Yeah i tryed many things. I replaced almost every part on the board dont think i tryed CMOS tho.....and unfortunatly i think its been in the trash a long time ago.... but if i do have it somewhere i may try it!
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