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Thread: Ford Focus 2.0 (UK)

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    Post Ford Focus 2.0 (UK)

    Hello, got my carpc in and running a treat for a week now.. woke up this morning and thought i would send in some photos to see what you lot think..

    The System......
    7" 16:9 touchscreen (with self discovered auto on soldering)
    2.6GHz Athlon
    160GB Maxtor Hard Disk (In a Caddy so it can be whipped in and out)
    1GB Ram
    D-Link Bluetooth
    802.11G Usb External
    Roadrunner (Freedom 2.1 Skin)

    (10.1MB Word Document - link :
    excuse the blurry images but it is F**KING freezing and i ent out there to get the bets of pictures as it is daylight after all! ill have some night pictures taken tonight and uploaded for tomoro!

    oh and btw, the bott install looks like a mis match in colour in the photo but i swear to you that it is identical in the skin! must be the angle and lighting i guess! well i hope you like and enjoy the pics
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    nice custom dash,

    ps: (keep you car safe)
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    looking good. have any more pics?
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