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Thread: 96 Lexus SC400 Install

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    Very Nice

    I am about to start my sc 400 carputer project
    You guys are giving good ideas and this forum a priceless resource.
    ACleanSC your pic looks good. How in the world did you Fab the center trim molding for the screen and move the CC?

    Have you guys seen the picture of the soarer on this site? This guy incorporated his pc in the original cd changer housing!!!!!! *which is pretty much useless after a carptuer install)

    Has anyone considered installing a slide-in cd/dvd where the vertical cup holder is?

    Anyway keep up the good work I will be working on mine in the coming months and will put up picks. I am sure I will bother several of you picking your brains cause I will NEED HELP!!!!


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    Hi miwise. What screen is that? Make and Model?


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