Well on the weekend after many hours of wiring, I've got my CarPC all installed and working I've had to wire in an amp at the same time, so that slowed me down some what. Here are some pictures of the build up and install. The PC is mounted under the passenger seat so it’s a little hard to take pictures of it in the car.


Runs really well. System is playing music from a cold boot by the time I have closed the garage door and back in the car. Just got to configure so it goes into hibernate on shutdown, and then it'll be 3x times faster to boot.

I have the factory sub hooked up as well so 2x 6x9" speakers in the rear, 2x 4" speakers in the front (these are noticably weaker), and the 10" factory sub. The factory sub really pumps, surprised at how well it goes. I had to fiddle around with the levels a lot, and also the filtering in the zalman software to get the sound right, especially for the subwoofer.

Touchscreen works great, can navigate by using your finger, but works best with the little pen like device supplied.

The PC is pretty quiet, can't be heard in the car. The fuel pump is louder. The PC has 2 small 4 cm fans on it, one for cpu and one at the front for ventilation.

My wifi antenna at the moment is stuck on the roof of the passenger side. It has a magnetic base and seems to stay in place even when I'm hammering the car.

Here are the specs for the system,

Via C7 based system processor running at 1.5ghz
1 gig of ddr2 533mhz ram
120gb 5400rpm 2.5" samsung HD
Cardbus adapter for motherboard
Prism mercury based Cardbus wifi adapter with 7dbi external antenna
Garmin GPS18 USB GPS
D-link FM radio
Zalman USB 5.1 sound card
7" Motorized single din touchscreen LCD
a/d/l 5 Channel car amp

Software includes,
Frodoplayer using a skin that was built around a celica st162. I modified it to say Toyota soarer as you can see
Destinator 3
My engine management software for my piggy back ecu

I've got other galleries for this Car for other mods that have been done to it.



Also I've got a video of one of my runs at WSID,


Not my fastest run but was nice to cream a Monaro (pontiac GTO for you americans) like that at the drags.

I've run a best of [email protected] with a 1.898 60'. Not bad for a 1600kg car with only a 2.5L engine