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Thread: 04 Saturn Redline

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    04 Saturn Redline

    So i have had the system in my car for about a month now. I love it and thanks for all the help this forum has provided me.

    Installed in a 04 Saturn Ion Redline. bought the wrong screen so had to do all the custom work which took me a month to complete since this was the first time i have done anything of the sort.

    I also am using teh Gnet frontend since i found that site before I came accross this site. I'm dumb and paid for the frontend, but I do like it the best out of all the frontends i have tried since then.

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    That looks really nice!

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    Great job on the bezel. I'm painting mine silver too and can't seem to get it to look half as good as yours. Maybe it's the paint but it doesn't look uniform.

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