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Thread: '06 350Z Carputer Install plus pics

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    '06 350Z Carputer Install plus pics

    Ok so here is the first installment of my carputer installation. Here is a brief explanation:

    So I have this old Dell from back in 2000, 700mhz Pentium 3 old, that doesn't work. I tinker and tinker and get it to work. So I put together a plexiglass frame, throw in some fans and pick up a Lilliput 7" wide touch screen.

    Name:  case front.jpg
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    Power: I'm really low budget at this point so I just use power inverter and the regular power source.....I can feel the hard core guys cringing. But don't worry, I have the 220 watt in the mail as we speak.

    Name:  case top.jpg
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    Now I worked in car audio for some time recently and I feel I am a pretty crafty guy. But I could not get the monitor to fit in the pocket above the radio to my liking. Wanting to keep the door, and keep it operational and also didn't care for the reach, I sit all the way back, I decided to just go all the way and get rid of the radio. So I used a double din radio frame and some backstrap and just my luck, it fit like a damn glove. Check it out....

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    Name:  lilliput front wide.jpg
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    Next Line.....
    '06 Z

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    Install Continued

    So you are probably wondering how I get sound. Funny enough, a sound card hooked directly into a 4 channel amp sounds pretty good. Especially considering how old the card is, it works ok. New computer and surround card are coming, thus the 2 loose RCA cables not being used for now. The Z is great, tons of room under the seats. This one is under the passenger side. The sub amp will go under my big ol' butt.

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    So here are the shots of the stuff in the car.

    First is my view with some bad light. I am using Road Runner.

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    And a close up of the Road Runner, sorry for the quality. No flash sucks!

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    Here is a good one from the center showing the Nav: MS Streets and trips modded into Road Runner. It really works great.

    Name:  nav screen center.jpg
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    And an extreme close up of the desktop.....

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    Those with a strong attention to detail will notice the lower center console doesn't sit quite flush with the upper portion covering the screen. This was due to the presence of the screen. I trimmed the feelers under the lower portion and it fits great now. More pics to come soon.
    '06 Z

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    Now for the Computer in the "glove box"

    I think this part is the coolest. It looks like crap on the bench with the plastic covering on the plexi. In the car, the template I made really paid off, cause it fits like a glove. The fans are blowing in opposite directions so it creates pretty good circulation. And because I cut out the back of the glove box area, cool air from inside the chassis is alowed to circulate. Haven't overheated yet.

    This is with the lights on and the fans spinning. You can see on the right the button switch I used to power on the inverter, which incidentally turns on the computer also.

    Name:  case in car and switch.jpg
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    Here are some with the lights off, and the blue fans kickin'!! Again, sorry for the poor quality. I held it really still but it still came out blurry.

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    Name:  case in car blue light cu.jpg
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    It can be a pain to have to turn the thing on and off with the car. That is why I have the dc-dc with shut-down controller coming. And even though it is only 700 mhz, it only really needs to run winamp and MS streets and trips. Video sucks, but that is why I have its replacement sitting right here. More on that after this weekend.

    And in case you were wondering, this is me and the car. Pretty hot huh???? And the car isn't bad too. JK.

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    '06 Z

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    How come you didn't put the LCD in the cubby? Great install by the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d0tech View Post
    How come you didn't put the LCD in the cubby? Great install by the way.
    Thanks a lot!

    The '06 cubby is much better than previous years as far as quality, but it lacks versatility. The extra hardware (springs, gear reducers, etc) to make it work smoother also take up tons of room. Without major cutting, a 7" wide just wouldn't fit well, and definately not with the door opening and closing correctly. The 03-05 models are easier to put in a monitor but I have seen some doors that get real loose and it's no good. Besides, I love having it right there where I don't have to reach. Also, when it is all off, you can't even tell there is something in the dash, it just looks blank. And I still get to keep my cubby space.
    '06 Z

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    nice install! Very clean.
    02 Corvette Z06
    CarPC: 8" Zenarc molded in dash, P3 1Ghz CPU in custom Amp/PC box. RoadRunner, IG3, XM, ODBC (HP Tuners), Cameras

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    I'm digging it. You could pull the slot covers off and shoot them with a little flat black, would look better I think.
    Failure is not an option....

    It's installed by default on every version of Windows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarryWoods View Post
    I'm digging it. You could pull the slot covers off and shoot them with a little flat black, would look better I think.
    That's a good idea, I think I will do that. Ultimately I would change them out with some custom brackets with a gussetted support (not that it really needs it). I had forgotten about those on-the-spot bracket, thanks for the tip.

    BTW, checked out your install. Very nice. I really like that nav screen with the guages (direction, speed, # of sats).
    '06 350 Z. Lilliput 7" in-dash, chopped Dell 700mhz Pentium 3, Road Runner Front End, oh and lots of Horsepower!!!

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    that's a GREAT install! looks awesome with very little fab work on the screen! Looks VERY oem... damn, i just wish i could make mine look that good g'job! the PC case looks like it took you a while

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    I love the install. Very clean looking. Just wondering whats it's "replacement" going to be?

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