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Thread: Ridgeline and ThinkPad X40

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    Ridgeline and ThinkPad X40

    7" Touch screen running RoadRunner w/ Freedom skin

    ThinkPad X40 Windows XP PRO; Fits Perfectly Under the Drivers Seat
    c a r l n u n e s
    - Honda RTL Ridgeline 06
    - IBM X40 ThinkPad Windows XP Pro
    - iGuidance w/ USB GPS receiver

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    Very nice. Nice truck too. I am looking to connect an X30 in my car btw. Civic or Mustang when i get it.


    How do you power the laptop? If Inverter, How powerful in Watts was it?

    Where did you put the laptop?

    How is the laptop turned on and off? Manual or Ignition? If Ignition how did you config it (detailed explanation plz)

    What HeadUnit Motorized In_Dash Monitor is that? I am assuming all features work regardless of the parking break being on or off.... correcT?

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    Woops. Sorry, Ignore that question on where is the laptop, I see it is under the drivers seat My bad. But answer my other questions. You did a very good job. A lot of people spend a lot of time fabbing their monitor into the dash when for not too much more you can just get a pull out monitor like yours. Good job man.

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