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Thread: 2004 Toyota Matrix XRS

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    2004 Toyota Matrix XRS

    The project took me a while, but its in and working. (No head unit !)

    Dell in a 12x12 electrical box...
    was my old p4 1.5ghz, was either going to be a boat anchor or my car pc.
    Xenarc 700TSV- A good screen, got the desktop to run in its native 800x480 resolution as well.
    BU303 GPS (usb)- works.
    Phidgets encoder- volume and map zoom
    Turtle beach roadie- My USB soundcard supports 7.2 or something like that, but im only using 4.0 aka 4 speakers.
    Alpine PDX-150.4 (amp)- installed with the car computer. Holy crap its sweet.
    Slimline slot load DVD drive- I wanted it to be small, so I could fit it where the inverter used to be.
    Kingwin KF-25 data dock- Flipn sweet... it loads a 4 port hub and removable laptop hard drive in a sweet 3.5" drive bay setup. I can take my 100GB drive out and USB it to my main computer... If I want to, the comptuer has wireless as well. It fit under the DVD drive..

    Onto the pics.

    The "custom" box. Includes 120watt opus DC-DC power supply, mobo, main hard drive, geforce MX440 (****ty but hell, I can play grand theft auto), 2.4ghz wireless (think its a dlink, whatever tiger direct had on sale that day). 4 port usb 2.0 pci card, which you cant see because it was installed after this pic.

    The before picture.. The hacked bezel and epoxied screen.

    Bondo+ sanding+ time+ paint = not bad..

    Installation day... dirty lens... GF snapped it when I had the carpet back in.

    More wires.

    More wires, notice the cubby with the DVD drive on top, and the harddrive/usb hub bay.

    Phidgets encoder... Volume ETC

    My just incase switch to turn it off. Ill be filling in the gap later...

    Initial boot... phew it works!

    More of its maiden voyage!

    A video showing streetdeck, my front end software. My friend made me that backdrop and the layout for the icons. I think he did a good job.

    A coupple more things to hookup. My bro is writing an HQCT interface for streetdeck for me.
    All in all a lot of work. but a lot of fun!
    Process meter!
    CarPC [#######-] 90% (In, some loose ends)
    Audio [#######--] 80% (Rear speakers to be installed)
    Total in car [#######_-] 85% (mostly everything)

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    Nicely done. Is the audio hooked up yet since you don't have a headunit?

    1996 Accord Ex Carputer

    Soon to come 2008 WRX 5-door Mac-carputer.

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    Very nice! I have a question about street deck...are the maps 'satelite' views like is shown in your one pic? Could you take some more pics of the maps?

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    AznRida: Yes I have the audio hooked up. I have a USB turtle beach audio advantage roadie hooked up to my alpine PDX 4.150 driving my speakers.

    LostAngel. Yes streetdeck has 'virtual earth' for mappoint. It requires an internet connection to download the satalite photos, so, if you were driving with no internet connection, you wouldnt have any satalite photos. It can be switched off. Im sure the Streetdeck part of the forum would be more helpfull for more questions.
    Process meter!
    CarPC [#######-] 90% (In, some loose ends)
    Audio [#######--] 80% (Rear speakers to be installed)
    Total in car [#######_-] 85% (mostly everything)

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    Great install, very clean

    BTW: mmmm Timmies Hot Chocolate

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    nice install
    Plan for project = 100%
    Part the project. = 100%
    Built...................= 99%
    Finish.................= 99%
    Install ...............= 99% -50%
    Ditail at

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