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Thread: Finally installed my headrest monitors

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    Finally installed my headrest monitors

    I finally decided to install my headrest monitors myself instead of paying someone else. I am not an installer so I was hesitant to cut up my headrest but after some research on this forum and a couple of beers I said "_uck it!"
    I had to go with some 6.5" headrest because anything else would be too big, I'll upgrade them later when I install my Katzkin leather but for now these will do.

    some pics
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    Not the best but it will do for now. Only ones sitting back there are my two daughters

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    question regarding headrest monitor in general: When you run the wires, how clean are you running them, meaning, if you decide to lift the headrest, what will you see?

    I suppose the cleanest would be to drill through the metal posts holding the headrest in and running wire through them...

    Any pix of the wiring?
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    Sorry don't have any pics of the wiring but in response to your other question, I did not drill into the post because that would be more work and I was really pressed for time (only had about 2 hrs to do everything while the wife and kids were out of the house )

    If you lift the headrest you will see about 1" of wire which is fine because we never move the headrest anyway.

    The monitors have two inputs; I have one going to my headunit which is also a DVD player and the other will be going to the game system. Each girl can watch or play whatever they want to at the same time

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