Well here is my project. I would really like to thank everybody from mp3car.com, for any tips and tricks, that u gave me, thank you guys. Because here in Slovenia there are not many people who have a pc installed in the car.

Pentium 3 650 mHz
512 Ram
40 Gb disk
2x usb hub
Unknown 8' Ts monitor
BTC wireless keyboard with joystick mouse
Usb Bluetooth
Polstar gps mouse
homemade ir remote control interface
Centrafuse front end
DLS C6 front system
306-DVC woofer
Saga PB-777
US Blaster 1371

Dismanteled dash

Screen holder @ work

Screen holder, it still needs some work

Custom case, it's ugly, but I don't care because it's hidden anyway under polyester thingy on the riht side on the second pic