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Thread: VW MK5 GTI - My Carputa install

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    VW MK5 GTI - My Carputa install

    Just wondering what you all think of my first car pc install.

    Original idea was to replace the factory head unit however I got into some problems with my VW AMP.. anyway that’s another story.

    I got an old 500Mhz notebook with a busted screen. Not the fastest thing on the planet however it does everything but play DVD/DIVX and starts under a minuet.

    - Notebook - (Already had)
    - Bluetooth GPS unit - (Already had)
    - Liliput 7’ touch screen – $300 on ebay
    - Bluetooth USB dongle - (Already had)
    - Notebook power inverter - $15

    I decided to keep the original head unit for radio and to play legacy CD’s and put the carputa a bit lower.

    After a lot of molding and tones of sanding/painting here is the final product.

    The boot isn’t much to look at however it is functional and this is stage 1 after all.

    Here is my baby

    Get the full story and more pics

    Stage 2
    • Make sub a bit better looking. Time for some carpet stuff
    • Make a little box/stand for the notebook as apposed to just strapping it to the sub.
    • USB GPS… Bluetooth was a bad idea

    What you think??
    Do I get the tick of approval?

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    pretty nice install!! your right, the hatch area could be cleaned up a little. I also think that some flat paint instead of gloss for your touch screen bezel would fit and look better in your interior. Just a thought. as far as starting from scratch and a first attempt, its heading in the right direction!
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    I think you need a spend a bit of time cleaning up your wiring. Also to me the screen bezel looks like it needs some work, maybe it's just because that gloss finish stands out like crazy against everything else.

    Otherwise, looks nice.

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    What RR skin are you using? Can you also let me know where to get it?


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    I'd definately paint the screen bezel flat black. I'm also not feeling the bungee cord thing, but I'm sure you'll clean it up in time. Here's my MKV GLI, if ya want some ideas.........

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    that front bezel needs a lot of work, and yes, I'd have to say flat black paint as well to help hide how not smooth it is

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    I would have just replaced the radio all together... the screen fits, and there is a bezel that you can bondo together to make like one piece... check out what we did...
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    ahhh evil, i had planned to do it like that about 2 years ago, now i have 10.4 i am finishing up the bezel

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    wow... thats intense. Isnt it difficult to access the temp controls?
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    Quote Originally Posted by greekgod25 View Post
    wow... thats intense. Isnt it difficult to access the temp controls?
    About the same as it'd be for Deadeye to reach his touchscreen.

    Looking like a nice start Deadeye it's an never ending upgrade
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