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Thread: 05 GTO custom double DIN LCD, Fanless PC

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    LAME :) lopan's Avatar
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    A shot of the BMW skin I tweaked...

    Don't have a clue about "Broken Boy Soldiers" it was playing on Ethel when I took the pic...
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    Very nice work!
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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Nice work. I like how you hid your antennas under the brake light. I like stealthy and was thinking of something similar. Good job making it look clean in the trunk.

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    Very clean. Love double-din installs.

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    Thanks guys, I'm pretty happy with it so far, still trying to work some of the OS kinks and tweak for speed, but like any carpc that will be an ongoing thing.

    It kind of sucked, the day before yesterday when I was getting into the thick of the install, I'd taken my screen out to run wires and when I put it back in... it worked for about a minute, when I turned the ignition again, dead screen... This was one of the newer lilliput's with auto on, well, after about an hour of dorking around with it, I pretty much deducted that the board had gone tits up. So I grabbed my old lilliput, and damned if the screen hadn't died on that one... luckily I was able to piece together one functional lilliput, after a quick trip to the rat shack to grab a 150k resistor (had the capacitor laying around) I was back in business with auto on (thanks to coyote's diagram, what happened to him anyway?).. So basically I'm left with one completely dead lilliput... both board and screen...

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    Awsome setup. That's what I plan on doing in my car. Congrats!

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    Nice work on the bezel! How did you go about getting a uniform recess or was it by eye and plenty of standing?

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    Very nice, congrat!
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