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Thread: AMG C32 Carputer Install

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    AMG C32 Carputer Install

    I installed a Slimline PC in the trunk. Power inverter .Ran every cable imaginable to passenger kick panel from trunk. I then installed hidden switch in ashtray for inverter. Also hid power switch to computer in ashtray. Installed DVD burner in glove box with USB hub. Also have Bluetooth adapter in hub. Get Broadband Internet through my phone. Installed 7inch touchscreen where center vents were. Did much Research and testing before any install. No loss of airflow on vents. fed sound back to Comand unit through aux input. Got Gps on computer as well as car. Let me know what you think, More pics in future. Richard

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    Wow...I like that you've actually done it.

    If you plan on redoing the install at some later point, I would suggest teh following:

    1) Replace the in-dash xenarc with a quality aftermarket radio. Mount the aftermarket deck where you placed the in-dash xenarc. Since the xenarc sticks out quite a bit, the aftermarket radio would probably result in a more flush look. You could even fabricate a bezel to cover up some of the holes and redirect the air-flow;

    2) Remove the COMAND unit - it's worthless;

    3) Custom-mount a 7"/8" touchscreen where your COMAND unit was installed.

    I hate the mercedes navigation systems. You may as well purchase a Thomas Guide and get more use out of it. Good luck.

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    Your right about factory navigation. Its not good. I have street atlas on pc, its good. Im going to tweak that install around xenarc. Had to leave it where it was as to not lose any airflow. I can get it back further but have to lose air which may not even be a factor. I only kept factory command for the steering wheel controls and the voice activation and telephone interface. Your right otherwise I would have dumped all the factory comand etc...I didnt want to get into the stereo system . Im a car dealer so ill probably only keep this car about a year at most. Last car was SL500. I had it about 8 months. I oinly installed new headunit in it. I have seen software to control cellphone through bluetooth on computer. Might like that option as well.

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    Very nice,
    Glad to see people ripping apart Expensive cars!

    It seems your system was easier to install than the One i am Putting in an Audi At the moment,

    You are lucky you had AV inputs, I had to hack a $800USD TV Module for them

    The Deck will look better all the way back, so why not do it and stuff the airflow? thats what Windows are for
    For Bootscreens click Here

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