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Thread: 2003 VW GTI 20th AE Work Log

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    looking good, how do you like it?
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    it works quite well, dispite some glitches, im working on fixing them

    - right and left channels cant be on at the same time, ground loop though y ( need something that allows voltage to only go one direction, not sure what its called )

    -slight fuzzyness, might need a ground loop isloator

    -posable overheating ( might move computer to trunk )

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    i was able to fix the problem with the ground loop causeing interfearance, and the left channel cutting the amp power, all with a ground loop isloator. i didnt need to put in a diod. i saw that other people with the monsoon had the isloator cut in after the 5-6v was indused, but i put it in befor, and i dont have any noise. also didnt have to "cut" anything.

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    some new pics just taken a few min ago

    the monsoon connector and ground loop isloator

    hidden inside

    driver seat, car off

    car on at desktop

    car on running roadrunner (for music)

    roadrunner home

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    i just got the wires and USB hub to move everything to the trunk, haveing the computer behind the screen was a bad idea, it made the computer compleatly inaccessable, and it overheats, and when the comp hits 60c the comp freezes, and wont go back to normal untill i restart the car and wait 45 sec

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    i moved everything to the trunk. when it was behind the screen, with a crapy heatsink, the computer was prone to overheating.

    i moves the monsoon amp to where the cd changer normaly goes and mounted the computer where the amp normaly goes

    here are some pics

    this is befor i put any wires on it and befor puting it into the car

    ther computer is mounted and redy to go, i still need to do some more wireing, but for the most part the trunk is refnished.

    now you see it

    now you dont

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    Nice install what skin are u using?
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    great install man! i have an 06 black rabbit am looking to do the same thing. thanks for the reference material

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    Like the install and the little compartment where it's in the trunk. Good job.
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