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Thread: Toxiclows official 93 Passat GLX VR6 thread

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    John thanks. . . .

    Lex. . . . The computer you can set up in the bios to power un when power is applied to it. . . .this works out really well for me. . .

    basically i have 12 volts going to the trunk . .. it runs into a relay which i wired into the inverter. . . power is always present at the relay and thus grounding the coil int he relay sends power to the inverter turning it on.

    yeah i have a rocker switch in the dash that just sends ground back there. ..

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    I am looking at the same system doing the same thing you are doing. Is there anythign you dislike about the system or would like it to do better.- If i ran this to a crossover then to amp to run a more powered and a little more sophisticated sound system would this on board sound reproduce for me?

    How does the GPS that it comes with work?
    Did you HAVE to put the WIFI sticking out of the back or could you have left it in the usb in the trunk?

    does the system have any trouble running gps AND mp3 at same time?
    What is boot up time? Same as standard xp?
    Do you shut down the comp everytime in and out of car or can it standby and/or hibernate? How about overnight

    Does the PC have any slots available to add to? Such as a am/fm card-tv card, better sound ard-if needed, etc?

    Can i add a dvd r/w (not from this seeler-on my own) that connects ide/itapi? if so does anyone know how long they make these cable connectors? 5 ft? 10ft? enough for trunk to front seat?

    Are you running full xp or a micro version? would this be helpful to do?

    When I install my screen I will eliminate the radio--soooooooo
    I guess I will HAVE to have a am/fm card OR find a place for an aftermarket receiver. Wouldn't eliminating a receiver all together be the best fi the pc will do it all? But can I make it do it all?

    I know someone told you to just build your own--but I can not seem to find a more powerful sytem for anywhere close to the money- that is unless you answer some of the questions very negatively-
    My biggest concern is my AUDIO, the quality of sound-surround and subs and secondly having am/fm
    Next I want ability to EASILY pop in dvd or cd which is where I don;t want to add the dvd from vendor but run it up front

    All help is appreciated

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