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Thread: Toyota Soarer project

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    Toyota Soarer/SC400 project


    I'm nearing completion of phase1 of my carpc project. The aims were to replace the factory headunit & cd-changer with a pc & touchscreen. Initially it would provide just the following:-

    1) Stored Media (Audio, Video, etc)
    2) Navigation
    3) Full connection to factory amps & speakers
    4) Factory-like integration into the car

    I have one more job left to do and that's to wire in the sub-amp.

    Here's some pics of the project so far...


    CarPC in boot area

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    o_O nice job. Keep the pics coming!

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    Oct 2006
    Ok, more pics...

    The PC is a P3/1Ghz Arcom Olympus motherboard, EBX form factor. This is installed into the cd-changer chassi. PSU is a M1-ATX.

    It has a 60G 2.5" IDE hard drive and a 384meg compact flash. The compact flash isn't running at the moment, but it has XP Embedded installed on it.

    The OS is Windows XP, booting off the IDE.

    It did have 512Meg RAM but I reduced this to 256Meg to reduce hibernation time.

    It's running a Soundblaster Audigy SE because it was the lowest profile sound card I could find.

    Here's some photos of early fitment, minus the sound card.

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    The screen is a NEC NL6448BC20-08 6.5" 4x3 LCD. It was *exactly* the right size to replace my 2.5DIN headunit.

    It's connected via an Arcom DVI digital interface via a seperate DVI cable. The power and ground runs over standard cd-changer wiring.

    It's a great pin-sharp display but could be a bit brighter on sunny days. However, we don't get many of them in UK so it's ok

    The touchscreen controller is Arcom TSC1 connected to the PC via the cd-changer wiring.

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    Amplifier wiring was straightforward, however, I needed to use ground loop isolators to remove interference from the pc's systems.

    It's running RoadRunner using the Simplistique skin which I'm going to modify for 4x3 usage. It's also using iGuidance Europe but I'm dead keen to use PC Navigator once they patch it to make it work with RoadRunner.

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    very nice, I really like the screen, looks perfect for the dash, very OEM.
    Also brilliant job on building the computer in the defunct cd changer in the trunk boot

    very very clean and well thought out.
    My Install

    CFiG v1
    iGuidance Plugin for CF

    Working shell for a CarPC

    StopWatch plugin remade for centrafuse RC1

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    That looks awesome OEM. Great job.
    Mike M
    2006 Accord VP Sedan

    My worklog

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    ditto on the cd changer comp case. Nice work!

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    ya nice job on the whole car

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    Thx for the kind comments guys. A neat OEM look was my number one priority.

    Phase 2 will begin sometime next month. On the agenda..

    * Buy one of those silabs USB radios & integreate into the factory window-mounted antenna
    * Fit my USB Wifi card with a hidden antenna
    * Add a switch to the main PC unit to allow it to be powered up without the ignition key
    * Add a switch to the main PC to prevent the screen from turning on
    * Modify the RoadRunner skins for 4x3 and for usability

    Phase3 and beyond (later in the year)
    * Integrate cars sensors
    * External temperature sensor
    * Accelerometer
    * Reverse sensors

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