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Thread: Suburban - Custom console carputer - W/Pics

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    Looks awesome, you did a very nice job, lets see some completed install pics

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    Okay I am sorry about the lack of updates but I have been very busy and very lazy lately.

    I decided to scrap the memory card reader and instead decided that I need more USB ports. I purchased a 3.5 inch 4port usb & 1 port firewire device and decided to hack out the firewire area for my power, reset, and power led.

    The above image shows where I cut the firewire off of the header area. I also installed my power reset & led in the unused area.

    Front view of the switches and USB ports.

    I used the same mountig area that I would have put the memory card reader in. I also changed my cables to a rounded cable to allow more airflow and a cleaner install.

    I was able to drill a small hole in the metal bracket and fasten it to the piece of wood that supports the DVD player and hard drive mounting cage. It is real secure you can push on it pretty hard and it does not budge.

    Close up of install

    Wider view

    More updates coming.


    The unit is now installed and in use. Here are a few pictures of the fit.

    Overall I am very happy with the setup. The screen is in a position that I can easily see it and touch it yet passengers in all 3 rows can see it very easily as well. I do need to work on hiding the wiring to the monitor but I have some cameras to hook up yet before I do that.

    I was able to use the space on the top of the console to mount my trailer brake controller within arms reach for any adjustments or manual braking that may be needed while towing.

    I located the power inverter under the passenger side seat and ran the power wires and 12v source in the flexible black plastic tubing down the side of the console. Not sure how I like that but for now it keeps it out of the way and doesnt look too horrible. I have my Wifi adabter sitting on my dash and the usb cable fed up from under. I also extended my GPS unit to the very back of the suburban on the side window hiding all the wires behind the interior panels.

    More updates to follow


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    Here are some pictures of the system in use.


    Backup cam installed.

    I bought the back up Cam off E-Bay for $69.00 + shipping. Shipping was very slow.......from 1 state a way it took over 1 week.

    It is color and turns to B&W at night. It mounts to the lic plate and installs in a snap. Reverse image also.

    I am happy with the picture quality of the camera for the price. I am getting ready to order a 2nd one that will mount on the back of my trailer and be the video input 2 on my lcd.

    Thats all for now, it is still a project in the works and I will continue to adjust and modify as needed.

    Thanks for reading my worklog


    I figured I would throw in an updated picture of the truck since I put new Wheels on and extnded size tow mirrors.

    If you look closely you can see the backup cam on the top of the lic plate in this picture.


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    Cool Job but hiding the wires will make it look so much better

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcracerx View Post
    Discreet was not one of my goals in this project because I think the 7 inch screen hanging from the dash will give it away before the floor console does.

    Yea the cup holders scared me at first but I am comfortable with the plastic mold they are made of after a close examination. And good news the way the system will be set up if they leak they will only flood my power supply and not the cpu.

    Just make sure you have some kinda protection so if it does seep in, you have some kinda Surge Protection from it screwing over your Electrical and/or Battery and Onboard Computer (the computer that controls car functions)

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    Very nice, same RR skin I just installed too, it's kinda weird seeing it in another car, LOL. Making it removable is a challenge, but that's a pretty nice custom console. Couldn't you separate the cupholders from the CPU with a plastic cover or shield or sheet to keep any spilled liquid out? Just a thought.
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