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Thread: 1995 Mazda MX-6

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    1995 Mazda MX-6

    I noticed that there was only one other build in an MX-6 and it was quite old, and I just dont have the heart to let these under appreciated cars slip away, so I finally decided to get off of my lazy butt and take some pictures of of my setup.
    Here are the pics
    This project is complete, yet still a WIP and I imagine that it always will be
    The processor is a 1.4 GHz AMD geode processor (it came bundled with the mobo which is causing me way too much greif)
    512 MB of ram (32 MB of which is shared with the on-board video card) (note: to reduce hibernate time, I have brought this to 256 with no problems.)
    some generic wireless card (gets not-so good reception but I dont care much)
    40 GB laptop HDD
    Some generic Bluetooth adapter I had laying around
    M1-ATX power supply (I know I know, dont use this with a processor that uses 12V core! With some tweaking, I made it work by offloading the fans to a 12V regulator of their own, running through a 5V relay)
    One o those magnetic GPS dealies ) (SiRF Star III) this is a great GPS, i have had it mounted for almost a year now, and it hasn't moved except when i pulled it off to clean the ring of clean. i have gone through some high pressure car washes and it did beautiful.
    Liliput 7" screen (software auto-on)
    DVD ROM/CD RW slot load drive (used some External HDD enclosure converter thingy and USB to bring it to the front. I also ran a 5V line from the computer)
    Stock stereo with CD-Changer>RCA>Headphone converter

    I pulled the cruise control button out of a junk-yard MX-6 (1996) and turned it into the power button/status light/garage door opener (no more stupid little 12V batteries!) OOh! and I used silicon to attach the stand to the dash, the sticky stuff it came with melted and the whole thing fell off.

    Any questions, just ask

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    what mobo are yo using, and how does it perform? can you compare it to the jetway J2F2 1.5ghz?
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    How did you install that slim dvd drive?

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    i had an mx6 carpc

    also there's another guy with a carpc

    i think ur the 3rd

    search result with give u

    also check out i got more pics there i think
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    Sorry, I have been busy with school and have not had much time to respond.
    The Motherboard/Processor I am using is: PC CHIPS M863G (V7.1C) (AMD Geode NX Processor 1750 + SiS 741GX Micro ATX Motherboard), I got it from some time ago and the listing has disappeared since then. Beside some quarks (it hates to be turned of and immediately back on again), it has served me quite well.
    As for the DVD drive, I cut a hole in the back of the CD-holder so that the back half will fit through and hot-glued it in, I plan on making a more professional installation when I get some other buttons and USB ports to put in with it. The 5V line that runs to the front also powers a hub that the DVD drive and touchscreen are connected to which will also have some extenders to make the other 2 ports accessible.
    And the pictures are at the other end of the link.

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    Time to get serious!

    Ok, i am getting tired of leaning forward every time I want to change the song, I will now mount the screen into the dash!
    So, my whole goal I had in mind when building this carputer was to make the whole process fully reversible, which has worked so far, so I needed a way to "reverse" this. Simple. I went to the local Pick-A-Part to go dash hunting! Going to my favorite section I gleefully approached my usual doner (it is the same year and model as my car with only a slightly different paint color) and noticed, to my horror, the whole left side of the dash was messed up! After removing it to inspect the damage, I decided it would be too much trouble. I wandered around to look to see if I could find another car with the dashboard, and as luck would have it, another one of the same color and 2 years older was a few rows down.
    I gleefully ran to the car to look at the dash and on my way realized that this one had foglights (I have always wanted foglights). Today must be my day! I peered in the car and saw it had the same dash! but... the whole left side was missing. I took it out, and decided to splice them together! So now (with a little work) I will soon have a standard dash, and a dash with a SCREEN MOUNTED! I will post pictures of the process, I know it may seem a little daunting for some people, especially with the dumb divider behind the plastic one, but I believe that whole peice is removable. Will post updates soon.

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    Ya, about that divider i thought was removable... it is the structural support for most of the dash... looks like i must cut it out. And as for the up and down metal beam, a pneumatic die grinder took care of that quite nicely. Anywho, the dash has been sucressfuly welded together, and I am starting on the finer sanding to get rid of bumps. after that i will actually start putting the screen in.
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    i still have my MX6 Reading posts is getting me in the mood to do this again

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    Rasheedn had a very nice setup which i attempted to copy but never actually got down to fabricating my dash
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