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Thread: Finished 04 Corolla CARPC

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    lol, i meant box, sometimes (like now) the b button sticks.
    it looks really good,
    i like the idea, and i am thinking of doing it to my car.
    however i find myself in your situation whereby the spare wheel is not in the centre (which amazes me as my car is front wheel drive) as my car does not have a diff, so i cant figure out what is preventing the manufactures of my car to put the spare wheel dead centre of the car. strange.
    anyway, i think it looks really good, except the cut marks for the carpet, i think i will go seemless and take the carpet all the way to the sides, and mount my cd/dvd drive in the front. That way I will not have to lift up the carpet much.

    what size rims do you have, currently i have 15" rims which only gives me 15" worth of space to deal with, fortunatly i am looking at moving to 18" rims which gives me a little more space.

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    Wow... Very clean install. Nice Rolla.

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    hmmm, nice install, would that sub have any adverse affect on the PC sitting that close though? either magnetic or by vibration? And did you FLOCK that bezel? it looks... interesting....

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    wow, not bad for a first install + fabrication. i am so impatient that i would not even try to create a new bezel for the screen - i would totally ******* duct tape it onto my dash.

    it doesn't look factory? **** you!!!

    sorry - back to earth - nice install ;]
    - sh00k
    Duct tape and a Bandana for the win, b!shes!!!

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    Looks good, I didnt see this one before for some reason.
    Mike M
    2006 Accord VP Sedan

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