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Thread: 2002 Acura TL-S

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    couple quick questions. (before i ask more later on) how did you debadge your screen? i have the same only the dynamix one. also does your screen load as soon as your comp is on? i dont see the windows loading screen or my dell start up screen. it only receives it signal starting when windows says "welcome". is there something i didnt do?

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    The branded portion of the monitor is in the depression area. What i did was remove the bezel and the buttons...and I bondo'ed the bezel until the depressed area was flushed with the rest of the bezel.

    I do see the bios boot up screen with my jetway 1.5. I just bought another mini-itx with the older intel 855 chipset...with the motherboard, it doesn't show the bios boot up screen.

    At first I thought since everything is a standard, everything should compatible...but it's not the case...The intel 855 mini itx only works on 2 of my 4 lcd monitors. I think when it's in the bios boot screen, the video settings are not a supported by the LCD.

    What you can try is to play around with the VGA settings...other than that, I don't think there is anything else.

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    thanks so much. im waiting for my HU to come in and then i can start the fab on that. im pretty worried that i wil lmess it up but i did ok with the metra fuse. i hope when im done its as nice as yours

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