Command Line Parameters

StreetDeck can be launched using command line options enabling or disabling various features in StreetDeck. The command line options can be used in a windows shell or in the target line of the StreetDeck shortcut.

Fake Data

There are a number of options in StreetDeck that allow you to configure it so it can be used to demonstrate the features without actually hooking up the hardware. Most of these are configured independently of each other so you can use some real hardware and some faked.

To fake Bluetooth control, use the command line parameter -fakedata

To fake a rearview camera, create a WMV format video called Rearview.wmv, place it in the "\Program Files\StreetDeck" directory and use the command line parameter -fakedata. This only fakes camera 1 and will overide any other device set for the camera. Here is a samplerearview.wmvthat can be used.

To fake radio, download and select the radio faker plugin (Settings | Radio | Radio Plugin = Faker Radio Plugin). This will only fake tuning, it will not fake audio so nothing will be heard.

To fake OBDII data,downloadthe plugin and copy the dll to the \My Documents\StreetDeck\Plugins\OBDII directory. In StreetDeck, select the OBDII faker plugin in (Settings | Vehicle | OBDII Options | OBDII Plugin = OBDII Data Faker). The faker plugin will use random data, some of which may not be respective of actual values seen.

To fake GPS data for simulating navigation, create a GPSSim.txt fileand place it in the "\Program Files\StreetDeck" directory, then select "Use GPSSim.txt" from navigation settings (Settings | Navigation | Select the GPS device or other GPS source = Use GPSSim.txt). Here is a sampleGPSSim.txtthat can be used.


DigitalMods(TM) add extra functionality to StreetDeck.

SatInfo displays current GPS satellite information.

Weather displays weather information.

Examples shows examples of the various controls and events available for DigitalMods.
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