Great job indeed. This coverjuke is awsome (merci beaucoup Mikael LE BERRE) I use it in my living room as well as a jukebox to launch for my movies and music.
And umbedding it into RR is not easy, good job. Unfortunately some issues remain:

-art cover display sometimes blurry depending on the resizing of the cover.jpg file
-this version does not look for cover arts in "on demand" as the v1.56 can do so each time covejuke is launched the small window seeking for covers appears.
-The album menu (coverjuke_album=1) is not really needed in RR as selecting the album leads to the album view page in RR. Such a menu is in coverjuke v1.56.

- so the main question is why did you use an old version of coverjuke, not the v1.56 (it would solve the issues above)? I tryied but failed miserably. did you try? do you have a config?

But anyhow it already great like this. Congratulation again.