You have to be able to command your carputer system. Preferably, this process should be as easy as possible. Initial carputers (pre-2000) typically used LCD or VFD character displays to interface and play music. Commands were typically sent to the carputer by means of a keyboard. Not far after the initial advent of the carputer, many people started using a wireless serial port remote to control their machines. This was about the time that small TV screens became affordable. The majority of the first (affordable) carputer screens were RCA video input only.

This awkward phase of sub-par display devices was frustrating to the carputer community. Users had difficulty justifying $1000+ for a VGA Touchscreen, and for the most part, screens that nice were rare or just unavailable. Modern screens are leaps and bounds better than those of just a few years ago.

The most common modern-day screen that people use is the 7 inch VGA touch screen. One of the issues that still make these screens less than ideal is daytime visibility. Now even solutions to this problem are surfacing, & there are transflective options as well as other enhanced screen options. This is sure to improve at a rapid pace as the demand for more viewable daytime screens increases.

In 2005, users were beginning to experiment with Head-Up Display options, although these are typically custom built rather than mass produced.

Screen Definitions
Types of Touchscreens
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