After you have created your addin, you should package it into a StreetDeck sdz file so it can be distributed and registered properly by StreetDeck. Since your addin is a COM object, it must be registered using regasm.exe (for .Net COM objects) or regsvr32.exe (for Non .Net languages). When an SDZ is extracted and imported by StreetDeck it automatically calls regsvr32.exe and regasm.exe /codebase on every .dll in the Addins sub folder for the addin. You MUST make sure you addin binary resides in this folder before exporting your addin. As long as it is, it will be automatically registered when an end user double clicks on the sdz file or otherwise imports it into StreetDeck.

To package your project, startup StreetDeck in developer mode. Now start using your addin in StreetDeck such that a screen shot that describes your addin is on the screen. A screen shot will be taken of the StreetDeck render window when you package your project. Next, select File | Package for Distribution. Then select your project from the list. All files and sub folders in your project's folder will be packaged into the specified sdz file. You should make sure your project has no dependancies outside of the project folder needed on the destination machine. If you need to register additional dependencies besides just your addin, you can do so by implmenting the CustomRegister and CustomUnregister events in your addin's class.

// This is called when the Addin is registered, you should register anything else the
// addin needs to be installed to work here.
public static void CustomRegister(Type t)

public static void CustomUnregister(Type t)
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